Welcome to Dundrum!

Dundrum is a very attractive and desirable suburb of South Dublin. Located within easy access to the M50 and serviced by the Green LUAS line, Dundrum is the ultimate suburb for amenities with every want and need taken care of for families and professionals – from grocery to entertainment, going out or staying in, high street shopping to arts and theatre – Dundrum has it all, located withint a reasonably small footprint. The space around Dundrum Village has been utilised effectively with no drawn out distances between the amenities, all withint walking distance of each other,

The main street is a historical and quant street that features traditional stores typical of any village banks and pubs that you would find on most main streets. A considerably greater mall opened only south of Dundrum on 3 March 2005. Known as Dundrum Town Centre.

The College of Further Education in Dundrum is the nearby network Education and Training Board school.